Areas of Practice in Murfreesboro, TN

At Will Fraley, Attorney at Law, we provide personalized, unique approaches to each and every case. Our clients are not just another number to us; we understand what is at risk and will fight tirelessly to make sure we can provide you with nothing but the very best outcome. Take a moment to browse over our areas of practice and reach out to us to schedule a consultation for more information.

Criminal defense

Our attorneys will provide you with a strong, experienced criminal defense team that will aggressively and skillfully defend your rights to the fullest extent of the law. We can represent both individuals and commercial organizations who are facing criminal charges on a municipal, federal, or state level. We have extensive experience in handling various criminal charges; these include fraud, violence, DUI, domestic violence, and white-collar crimes. We will offer thorough and reliable legal counsel to keep you fully informed and ahead of any new developments throughout the entire process, whether or not your case makes it to court.

Family law

Perhaps the most emotionally trying area of practice, family law can be a difficult field for our clients to navigate. Our skilled family law attorneys can handle a wide range of issues, from divorces to child support and visitation. We also provide legal counsel when it comes to domestic violence, because we take all allegations of domestic abuse seriously. Family law is a broad area of practice, and we offer legal assistance to a wide array of cases. Cases we handle can include alimony, immigration, family law for military families, adoptions, post-divorce disputes, and visitation rights. In a field where emotions can cloud proper judgment, having an objective third party is an absolute must, someone who will serve your best interests and ensure you follow the letter of the law for the best possible outcome. Feel free to contact our Murfreesboro, TN, family law attorneys for more information.

Personal Injury

Our premier personal injury lawyers will help you receive the compensation you deserve for serious injury or wrongful deaths. From automobile or motorcycle accidents to broken bones or spinal cord injuries, our aim is to ensure you receive the full compensation you are rightfully owed. No matter what sort of personal injury you have suffered, we will navigate all the complexities of each individual case. Our attorneys will take on cases others may not feel confident in winning. Whether you are up against another individual or a business, the experts at Will Fraley, Attorney at Law will develop a unique legal strategy for your case backed by our combined decades of experience, keeping you updated during every step of the process.

If you are in need of one of our experienced attorneys in Murfreesboro, TN, take a closer look at the services we offer. Initiate the first steps of your defense and make sure you have someone who’ll fight for you and your rights. Get in touch with us today to schedule a legal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.