If you have been charged with driving under the influence, drug possession, or theft, you probably have a lot of questions. These are serious crimes that can bring long-lasting negative consequences. At Will Fraley Attorney at Law, we help our clients in defense of these charges. We encourage you to call us with questions specific to your case, but we have included answers to the most common queries we hear below.


Q: If I am pulled over by an officer who asks me if I have been drinking, what should I say?

A: You have the right by law to refuse to answer until you have spoken to an attorney. This will protect you from incriminating yourself.

Q: What behaviors and physical signs might tell an officer I have been drinking?

A: He or she will watch for evidence such as difficulty walking straight, slurred speech, the smell of alcohol on your breath, confusion, and a reddened face. A disorderly appearance and negative attitude may be other tipoffs.

Q: How should I respond if ordered to take a field sobriety test?

A: You can politely refuse to take the test without worrying about legal penalties.

Q: If I am charged, what could my offenses be?

A: In addition to the commonly known DUI, short for driving under the influence, depending on your situation, you could be charged with DWI, meaning driving while intoxicated, or operating while intoxicated (OWI).

Q: What are the possible consequences if I am convicted?

A: Penalties can include fines, license suspension, probation, mandatory enrollment in a DUI class, and a jail sentence.

Drug crimes FAQs

Q: If I am convicted of drug possession, will I go to jail?

A: It depends on a number of factors, such as your criminal history and whether underage children were involved.

Q: Do I really need an attorney?

A: Our team at Will Fraley Attorney at Law can help you figure out the best defense to avoid conviction or reduce any penalties.

Q: Could I end up in federal court?

A: Yes, if you are convicted of drug trafficking across state or international borders, it becomes a federal offense. This comes with stiffer penalties, as well as the involvement of the FBI, the FDA, or the ATF. We can help you face your charges and prosecutors.

Theft crimes FAQs

Q: Under what circumstances could I be charged with theft?

A: Anytime someone accuses you of taking their property without permission, you could be arrested for theft. Depending on a few factors, such as whether a weapon was used and how much the stolen property is worth, you could face misdemeanor or federal charges.

Q: If I’m convicted, what punishment can I expect?

A: You can expect anything from having to pay court fees and fines to doing community service and jail time.

Q: What is the difference between petty theft and grand theft?

A: Technically, petty theft does not exist. Misdemeanor offenses, which can be considered comparable to “petty theft,” cover stolen property worth between $50 and $1,500. Grand theft is usually a felony and solely applies to stolen goods valued at $500 or more.

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